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Immerse yourself in the perfect harmony of heat and flavour as you dip our RÓA Daily Rice Crackers into the meticulously crafted hot sauce from Borneo Hot Sauce. The fiery kick of the sauce complements the light and crisp texture of the crackers, creating a symphony of sensations in every bite.

Ideal for parties, movie nights, or gifting to spice enthusiasts, this bundle delivers a bold flavour adventure conveniently to your doorstep. 

Borneo Hot Sauce is delicately made with Momporok Chilli - A chilli from generations passed to generations forward. Grown along the sleepy coast South East of North Borneo with regenerative practices working towards atmospheric carbon removal, re-invigorating our lands, and empowering communities.

Our Hot Harmony Cracker Set includes:

RÓA Daily Rice Cracker 60g x 1
Borneo Hot Sauce (Choice of Flavour) x 1

There are 4 exciting hot sauce flavours to choose from:

Borneo Hot Sauce x RÓA - Hot Harmony Cracker Set


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