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Entirely vegan and free from dairy, eggs, gluten, nuts, and soy. Indulge Freely, Live Fully with RÓA Daily. 

Introducing RÓA Daily, the NEWEST affordable and delectable everyday snacking range that upholds the excellence of RÓA’s values.

 RÓA crackers redefine the art of gourmet snacking while being completely sustainable.

These perfectly baked golden crackers with infused notes of rosemary, oregano, bay leaves with superfoods like flax seeds offer a satisfying crunch and elevate any snacking occasion with their aromatic symphony of flavours.

Perfect on their own or paired with your favourite sauces, dips & accompaniments.

Did you know!

RÓA's Rice Crackers are a harmonious blend of creativity and sustainability. Delicately crafted using upcycled rice pulps from our freshly hand-churned brown rice milk, these snacks are more than a treat; they are a celebration of ethical indulgence. 



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