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Locally inspired by your everyday hot sauce commonly known as “lada” in Sabah. Lada is a solid member of every table and a staple condiment with every meal in Sabah. It’s thick, tangy, and most importantly, spicy!

Borneo Hot Sauce’s journey began with a search for the elusive small and fiery Momporok Chilli. Momporok is a native Dusun word for Bulbul birds, who are very fond of eating these chillis and dispersing its seed. The birds are attracted to these wild-growing chilli just as it ripens to a bright red colour. Making them easy to spot and even easier to eat as it stands upright against the rest of the chilli bush. Our research and development team ventured to seek out places where this symbiosis occurs. And that is when small chilli plantations in Kunak, Sabah were discovered.


We are very proud to be working with our local communities and farmers to create these unique bottles of hot sauces just for you.  


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